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Warranty from 1 months up to 24 months.

Only on our website you get original new OnePlus products, for which we give from 1-24 months warranty from the date of purchase, you can be sure of the quality of our products and have 2 years of support.

- All phones are new, in one batch, box closed in factory film

- We do not sell refurbished phones, be careful on other sites you can find a cheaper price but most likely it is a refurbished phone

- Warranty watch 6 months

- Warranty headphones 1 month

- Warranty smartphones default 12 months, additional you can choose up to 24 months warranty in product cart on our website. 

We support only products purchased on our website ✅ 

We du not support any other salers and website ❌

We do not support consultations about the operation of third-party applications that do not belong to OnePlus. 


1. The warranty is valid only if there is a correctly and clearly completed warranty card indicating the serial number of the product during the warranty period.

2. The warranty does not cover components (headphones, charging wire, charging block, battery, cable.)

3. Free repairs are made only during the warranty period specified in the warranty card.

4. All shipping costs are at the buyer's expense.

5. The products are canceled from the warranty in case of violation of the operating rules set forth in the Operating Instructions.

6. Products are canceled from warranty in the following cases:

any changes (additions) not specified by the seller have been made in the warranty card;

the product is damaged as a result of natural disasters, fires, household factors;

the product was damaged during transportation or due to misuse after purchase;

the product has mechanical damage, traces of outside interference, or there was an attempt to repair the product in an unauthorized service center;

if unauthorized changes in the design or layout of the product are detected, except for the cases specified in the Operating Instructions;

damage caused by the ingress of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects;

if you are using unofficial software, or tampered with the software Android files of the phone system.

7. If you use phone and want return, within ten days from the date of purchase of the product, you can return it or replace it with another, while the cost of the product returned by you is discounted by ten percent.

8. Unreasonable claims are paid as a private consultation.

9. The warranty repair of the device can take from 7 to 45 working days, depending on its complexity, excluding the time for transportation. Return or exchange of goods, If at the time of repair there are no additional spare parts in stock or the repair cannot be completed within the established time frame, then the device is replaced with a new one, with characteristics that will correspond to the transferred product. The product remains under warranty for the time remaining from the moment of the first order, the warranty is not extended and cannot be extended additionally:

Only a new product is subject to return or exchange, it was used: all documents for the product are present; the presentation is preserved (all films, stickers, etc.); the product was not used, no calls were made from the phone (except for the first test call or test SMS of the first test photo);

Each phone has an internal counter of the “talk” time by which the service center will determine whether the mobile phone is in use or not.

If you have a warranty case, please contact us in any way convenient for you through the contact section

We need your order number to confirm the warranty case.

The manager will call you and arrange delivery to our service center, you do not need to go anywhere.

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